Top 3 Natural Testosterone Booster For 2019

Testosterone booster pills or testosterone supplements are designed to fill up the deficiency in the testosterone pool which then provides exclusive benefits to men in their daily life.

boost testosterone level
Testosterone Booster

Men suppose to be stronger, physically responsive and sexually stiff.

The level of testosterone in your body actually tells how masculine you are and defines your physical, mental and sexual abilities.

Without this particular hormone in your body not only you become less manly but also reach a verge of losing some features that is your pride basically.

Testosterone is created in the testes of men from where it delivers considerable effects like muscle mass development, hair growth and promotion of other characteristics.

In women, ovaries produce a very less amount of testosterone, which is likely to be negligible as compared to men’s.

Best 3 Testosterone Supplements For Men

1) Testo-Max

Testo-Max is the number one in our list because it has replaced the dangerous steroid called Sustanon with its natural formula.

Testo-Max reviews

The anabolic steroid which causes tons of side effects is now available in a safe version which made by Crazy Bulk.

Testo-Max offers hand full of benefits where the development of significant muscle mass in on the top.

Besides that, it helps you

  • Increase body stamina
  • Strength in each muscle cells
  • Get ripped physique
  • Complete fat reduction
  • Improve sexual encounters
  • Gain massive amounts of manpower

It is not so hard to get the discounts on Testo-Max purchase; you only have to visit the official site though.

2) Testofuel

TestoFuel is an ultimate muscle gaining supplement which many bodybuilders have been using for 4 years.

Testofuel reviews

After launching the supplement offered a very limited amount of ingredients, but their latest formula has been improved to a much greater extent.

TestoFuel offers men to be

  • More aggressive at the gym
  • More muscular
  • Fat-free
  • Mentally strong

The ingredient list tells us about TestoFuel efficacy which shows D-Aspartic Acid, Oyster Extract, Ginseng and Fenugreek on the top.

Every dose delivers the true power which helps you gain quick muscle mass and with much leanness.

TestoFuel Cons

The price for TestoFuel is slightly higher than what it looks like.

Self-proclaimed premium supplement, testofuel has generated thousands of reviews after altering their formula. But still, their price range is high for the majority of users.

3) Testogen

TestoGen is one of the oldest testosterone boosters in the market which still comes under top 3 testosterone booster pills list.

Testogen reviews

The clinically approved Testosterone pills have some remarkable effects for men who are looking to change their body shape or even those men who are struggling with improving their sexual lives.

TestoGen Benefits

  • Intense muscle generation
  • Intense muscle recovery
  • Fat obliteration at belly and hip region
  • Strength elevation
  • Extreme muscle tone
  • Re-aligned muscle tone

What are Testosterone Supplements Actually?

Testosterone supplements are basically testosterone boosters which work in your body by providing you a dose of healthy vitamin and minerals.

Not just that, but they contain the maximum number of testosterone boosting ingredients which readily absorb into your body and produces large amounts of androgenic hormones.

Now, there are two types of Testosterone Supplements based on their route and chemical composition

  1. Testosterone Injections (Mainly Contain Testosterone Cypionate)
  2. Testosterone Supplements (Natural Testosterone Production Boosters)

The type 1 testosterone booster is actually banned in many countries because the formula is approved to be dangerous for human health in so many ways.

They increase the risk of life-threatening conditions more than providing benefits.

Natural Testosterone pills, on the other hand, are considered more beneficial and safer than injections. In fact, they don’t have the occurrence of side effects at all.

What Does Testosterone Pills Do?

Testosterone supplements are designed to increase the natural production of testosterone in your which thereby deliver the following outcomes.

  • Muscle growth
  • Reduction of extra fat
  • The increment in muscle strength
  • Intense sexual desire and stamina
  • Improvements in mood and confidence level
  • Mental alertness
  • Physical agility
  • Supports athletic performance

Note: Testosterone booster pills are specially designed for men who cannot produce muscle mass no matter how hard they exercise or maintain a strict diet plan.

These T-Boosters only improve your workout skills by stimulating your body into producing more testosterone.

How Testosterone Level is Important for Men?

For an athlete, bodybuilder or even a normal working man, high level of Testosterone is a prerequisite for their daily life performance.

Athletes require testosterone in their performance enhancement purpose, while bodybuilders take massive benefits by adding extreme bulk of their bodies.

If they have low T-Level you will never see them winning or even competing.

For a man to stay sexually active testosterone is mandatory which grows the size of your penis as well as increase semen volume.

Without testosterone, normal men like us would never feel any sexual desire neither an urge to touch a woman.

Furthermore, testosterone is necessary for enhanced cognitive functions, memory retention, and improved sleep cycle.

What is the Mechanism of Action of Testosterone Pills?

The human body is a miraculous creation, any changes in certain enzyme or hormone can change your body shape and size entirely.

Testosterone for men
Testosterone supplements

It is the changes in the cellular concentration of certain enzymes, which is related to the mechanism of testosterone pills.

An ideal testosterone booster or supplement works in 3 different ways.

1) Enhancement in Testosterone Synthesis

The secretion of testosterone based on the functions of your brain and endocrine system. It takes some powerful ingredients to stimulate their activity and thereby engaging the body in producing more testosterone.

Normally, our body produces an optimum level of testosterone which in the case of muscle building is slightly low, which is why you need extra help from the testosterone supplements.

2) More Availability of Free Testosterone

Glycoproteins by the name Sex Steroid Binding Globulin bind and inactivate about 60% of free testosterone in your body.

To avoid this compound the testosterone booster pills suppress its effect and let the 60% remaining pool available to your body. Hence doubling the effects like muscle building and marked fat reduction.

3) Estrogen Suppression

With the help of an enzyme called Aromatase, some amount of testosterone gets converted into estrogen, which is basically the opposite of testosterone.

The active ingredient in many testosterone supplements inhibits its effect and save more testosterone for your body.

Some Effective Testosterone Boosting Ingredients

You can count on hundreds of different ingredients to support testosterone secretion because mother earth is full of natural minerals and herbs.

The latest studies revealed some of the very best and proven ingredients which naturally elevate the level of testosterone.

For effectiveness of a testosterone booster these following ingredients should be in their chart list.

1) D-Aspartic Acid

An essential amino acid enriched with the power that stimulates luteinizing hormone which maintains the functions of the testes.

Upon elevation, the testes will produce more testosterone. There are large pieces of evidence which show the effectiveness of D-Aspartic Acid available online.

2) Oyster Extract

Oyster is enriched with Zinc, which is highly essential in testosterone synthesis. Oyster is given to the individuals who lack sex drive and whose testosterone level are incompetent.

3) Boron

Boron is exclusively available in very limited testosterone pills; it’s a trace mineral which is available in very less quantity.

The studies conducted in Boron states that it not only increase the level of free testosterone but also reduce estrogen retention. It is knowingly beneficial for athletic performance with an unlimited power supply.

4) Ginseng

Ginseng happens to be nitrogen retaining ingredients which improve physical and sexual stamina.

In every category of sport, the purpose of Ginseng drink is to stimulate the level of testosterone by suppressing the prolactin amount in the bloodstream.

Prolactin is a type of female hormone which is unlikely good for men.

5) Nettle Leaf

The nettle leaf is known to contain substantial amounts of lignans.

Their mode of action is to bind with sex hormone binding globulin and thereby increase the level of testosterone. The root of stinging nettle shows improvements in prostate health.

6) Bioperine

Bioperine itself doesn’t have any testosterone boosting effects, but still, it’s an important ingredient. Why?

The purpose of Bioperine is to increase the availability of other ingredients to your body which is exactly the same as boosting T-level directly.

The clear source for this chemical is black pepper and curcumin.

7) Fenugreek

Fenugreek improves testosterone passing which shows us why this herb is listed amongst the aphrodisiacs.

In men, fenugreek produces massive sexual desire which is achieved after production of a massive number of T-Cells.

The rate of muscle building process also increases with fenugreek extract because it promotes the secretion of insulin.

Final Summary

There is a heap of testosterone pills these days, which floats around your mailbox or Facebook profile so often.

Not to mention that every testosterone booster pills are not equally effective, so it would be wise if you personally find the details and do some research on your own.

Free testosterone in your body has lots of purposes which range from the generation of new muscle mass to increase sexual features in men.

For an ideal body, your testosterone level must be higher than the normal range, which only the testosterone boosters can take you to!


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