Best Penis Extenders for Penis Enlargement in 2019

As important as its sound, a bigger penis is like a dream come true for every man in this world.

Below, information about some effective penis extenders is given. But first, let’s take a look on Penis Extenders and their exact mode of action due to which they are being considered as the first line therapy for small size penis.

best penis extenders for male enhancement
Top penis extenders

Penis size is a very controversial subject amongst men and the majority of them wants a huge size.

There are perks of an enlarged penis that you can simply count on.

  • It is demanded by women
  • It is a sign that you are a sex devil
  • It boosts your confidence level in every intimidating way

Not to mention the amount of pleasure you deliver during sexual intercourse with a large penis is remarkable.

Speaking of deep penetration, a sex is never satisfied unless you go deep down and do her the way she ever wanted.

Women during sex become ten times more passionate and lustful than men for which a proper care must be taken.

Forget the penis enlargement pills or other supplements that just claim and will keep on claiming. The perfect solution for a smaller penis present in the mechanical enhancement for which penis extenders are made.

You are more likely to get the positive results from the penis extenders than by using cheap male enhancement pills which gradually messes with your body system.

What is a Penis Extender?

Penis extenders are first considered a valid therapy for Peyronie’s Disease in which men develop curved or bend penis.

The disease brings sundry symptoms which are characterized as a sexual disorder, in which a person’s penis cannot get straight or erect.

Penis extender is a mechanical device which increases the size of the male penis by traction method.

A traction method is a stretching technique which affects the overall size of the penis, either the length or the girth.

The regular use of the device is proving to be effective in men who have problems like erectile dysfunction or micro-penis.

Manufactured with tons of numbers, penis extenders are available in a large variety, but not every single of them actually works.

 Does Penis Extenders Actually Work?

Imagine this; you build a muscular and broad physique by working out. When you take the extra supplements to enhance the process that’s one thing, but EXERCISE  has the most significant effects on your body.

Penis extenders are kind of bodybuilding device to your penis which opens up the choke valves of blocked arteries due to which your penis muscles are not getting a sufficient amount of blood.

The traction method is scientifically tested and approved by the experts around the world according to whom there is NOT A SINGLE SIDE EFFECT that is associated with this process.

It’s just a matter of choosing the right device that works on basic principles.

Drawbacks of Counterfeit Penis Extenders

Make sure you have done your research on whatever penis extender you are buying.

In case of using cheap and fake penis extenders, these are the conditions you can get yourself in.

  • Allergic Reaction due to improper traction
  • Pain in the penile muscles
  • Irritation on the penis skin
  • Damaged penis tissues/blood vessels
  • Reduced blood circulation
  • Premature ejaculation

These conditions can worsen up your case if you are looking to increase the penis size.

The only harmless way is to choose the best penis extender on the market.

Penis Extender Guide – For the First time Buyers

If you are new in the market of penis enlargement and do not want to get scammed.

Here are some points you must remember before purchasing any type of penis extender in 2018.

penis size
Does size matters?

Make sure the device has comfortable pads with silicone straps, which will make it easy and comfortable to wear.

Look out for the manufacturer; their background check is very important because some of them don’t really exist.

Upon damage, the manufacturer must be able to replace it with the new ones.

You should be able to control the Traction intensity, rather than exposing your penis to the same calibrated stretch which the company has designed.

Must have a user manual which gives details about “How to use” and “How long to use” kind of information.

Customer reviews can tell you if the penis extender you are buying actually works.

 Top 5 Penis Extenders in 2019 that Worked So Far

Here are the short details about the best 5 top-ranked penis extenders available on the market, if you wish to see the detail of any penis extender just click on the link given below.

1) SizeGenetics

Awarded as the Product of the Year, SizeGenetics is way better than male enhancement a pill which is very well rumored for its 58-way comfort system.

SizeGenetics is the most efficient, medically approved penis extender which can add up to 2.5 inches to your penile length.

SizeGenetics reviews

The device is made from medical grade materials which are designed to increase your penis size with maximum comfort. The gaiter with SizeGenetics is multiple in numbers so you can choose the extender of your own type.

Clinically, SizeGenetics is considered safe which doesn’t cause irritation or the damage of penis tissues.

SizeGenetics Benefits

  • 5 inches length and 0.7 inches girth enhancement within 2 months
  • Perfectly comfortable
  • Enhance sexual performance
  • Improves stamina to last long
  • Clinically approved by FDA
  • Treatment for ED and Peyronie’s disease
  • Legal

2) Jes Extender

Jes Extender is a product of Denmark, which was first made in 1995 by a team of doctors and surgeons.

Jes Extender reviews
Jes Extender


The ratio of a small penis in men increased dramatically in that era for which the Dutch government allowed the kind of innovations which is being sold on demands these days.

Jes Extender is made up of non-allergic material which suits men of every size.

Men with extremely small size penis can tie it up and for 4-6 hours, after which they will begin to see the sufficient results.

Jes Extender is available in 50 different countries by the brand name Male Edge which is the second generation traction device proceeding Jes Extender since 2008.

The customer satisfaction is guaranteed by the maker who also enlisted some of the prominent benefits you can get with Jes Extender.

  • Increase LENGTH as well as GIRTH of the penis
  • Allows you to get instant erections
  • Improve blood supply, hence stamina
  • A valid replacement for ED pills
  • Works on bend penis
  • The box looks like a work of art

3) Male Edge

Male Edge followed Jes Extender where it was introduced as the second generation penis extender in 2008.

The company is approved by the European standards and has got incredible customer reviews from time to time.

Male Edge reviews
Male Edge

The manufacturing material used is plastic, but it’s quite durable if you ask the customers, also the unique thing about it is the availability of 54-way comfort system along with 2800 grams of tension which is quite ideal for penis enlargement.

The company of Male Edge claimed there are many counterfeit products available by their name, so if you wish to purchase if you have to visit the official website.

The results of Male Edge are as followed.

  • 28% increment in penis length
  • 19% increment in the girth

You can use Male Edge for continuous 6 months and in the case of not finding any results; you can get your full refund.

Male Edge Benefits

  • Improve blood flow to the penis and other body parts
  • Stronger and long lasting erections
  • Increase endurance gain during sex
  • An alternative to penile surgery
  • Takes care of the bend penis syndrome

4) X4 Labs

X4 Labs is the latest penis extender that is being endorsed everywhere on social media.

The convenience that X4 Labs offers is what makes it very demanded amongst men since it is also affordable in price.

X4 labs reviews
X4 labs

Speaking of convenience the beginner kit can easily fit in your pocket after which you have to buy the advance package to further results.

The starter kit is devoid of accessories, but it still treats symptoms like erectile dysfunction and enhances blood supply for maximum erections.

What makes the X4 Labs unique is the universal upgrade kit which can be fixed to any other penis extenders available these days.

From a clinical perspective, X4 Labs have undergone many clinical trials where it showed great efficiency in elongate penile cells.

The customer reviews about X4 Labs is oozing on the internet, the majority of them are happier with the discount offers where they are being offered to save up to 50% of their cash.

Their agreement in the official site .enables you to pay 50% of the cash after which you will get the universal kit at your doorsteps.

Pay the remaining cash eventually, as per the agreement.


  • Easy to use
  • Increase penis size up to 2 inches
  • Effects girth significantly
  • Money back guarantee
  • Discounts for customers

5) Pro Extender

The creator of Pro Extender was Sir Jorn Siana, who invented the masterpiece in back 1994.

After the discovery of the traction method to increase penis length, many people tried to design different gadgets but only a few of them succeeded.

Proextender reviews

Dr. Jorn Siana Pro Extender is the admirable name in natural male enhancement, the device works with a very unique mode of action though.

It significantly increases the cell division in your penis which gradually expands the overall size and thickness and makes it efficient in everything it does.

Due to the efficacy and guarantees, safety Pro Extender is named type 1 certified medical device which is out of the box of side effects.

Available in 2 types, each kind of Pro Extender offers different results.

  • Pro Extender – For those men who want to achieve 7-inch penis
  • Pro Extender Deluxe – For the men who are looking to have a 9-inch sword


  • Approved by doctors around the world
  • Highly endorsed by the customers
  • Resolves men related issues
  • Invented by a penis surgeon
  • Parcels are shipped discreetly

Wrapping Up

Natural male enhancement is the next level penis enlargement treatment in which penis extenders come on the top.

doctors approved male enlargement device
FDA approved penis extenders

Pills or oral supplements can mess up your liver where they are metabolized, the traction method, however, is safe, easier to carry and more efficient and that has been approved by many medical communities around the globe.


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