Best Female Libido Enhancers on the Market in 2019

A statistical analysis in 2018 showed that about 1 in 3 women experience low sex drive in their lifetime.

The lack of sexual desire brings so many challenges in women’s life where she is unable to feel any kind of sexual impulse.

Low sex drive in women
female libido enhancer

Imagine your hot boyfriend is approaching towards you with a shirt off and you say “Neh, not in a mood”!

This can jeopardize your relation in just a blink.

Women are struggling with low libido every day in their lives and the majority of them have tried libido enhancers.

Increasing Libido with Libido Enhancers

Sex drive boosters are the next level of libido enhancers for women before that men used to have all the perks, but you can thank the scientific innovations and women health experts who put massive efforts and found out a solution to your problem.

There are many libido boosters available in the market, but not every one of them works the same. Using a libido enhancer that doesn’t work continuously can damage your genitals and decrease the sexual sensations permanently.

This is why you need to be extra cautious at the time of purchasing libido boosters online.

Best Female Libido Enhancers of 2019

The best female libido enhancers are approved by the scientific community of the US which are proven to be safe and effective for women.

These libido boosters can turn a woman into sexually active, mentally agile and overall active in everything she does.

Here are the top-rated libido enhancers for women, which you should use if you are experiencing loss of libido.


Vigorelle is a female enhancement cream, which offers hand full of benefits to women’s sexual health.

Vigorelle reviews

For a starter, it eliminates the vaginal dryness after a single application.

Its vaginal tightening contents help you re-experience the sexual intercourse like you just used to feel when you were 20.

The tighter vagina can increase the amount of pleasure upon penetration and it’s a water based cream so there is no sign of sticky material around your genitals.

Vigorelle enhances the sensitivity of your vaginal region and boosts libido with its natural ingredients. A perfect solution for a dried vagina.


Provestra is a libido enhancer available in oral pill form.

Provestra reviews

Provestra is recommended for those women who are experiencing loss of libido due to HORMONAL IMBALANCE.

The 100% natural ingredients in Provestra help women to enhance their libido level by increasing estrogen level.

Provestra is a nonprescription libido enhancer that elongates the time of orgasm and endurance level during sex.

Women do not need to worry about getting wet sooner as it will also boost the time of your sexual intercourse.

Prescribed for older women, Provestra is ranked top-ranked female libido enhancer on the internet.


Mainly used as a lubricant, hersolution offers tons of other benefits in enhancing women libido.

Hersolution gel reviews
Hersolution gel

It is mostly used formula by women who experience severe vaginal dryness which causes painful scenarios during sex.

The gel itself serves as a lubricant with so many libidos enhancing herbs that work after 2-3 application.

The gel works by balancing your pH level, thereby decreasing the acidic environment in the vagina.

Women after using Hersolution Gel claimed to deliver the most satisfactory sex of their life time.


Available in gel form, Hersolution also offers a female enhancement brand which is in pill form.

Hersolution pills review
Hersolution pills

The pill according to many women reviews works like a female Viagra, it significantly increases the amount of time duration in sex and it reinvigorates your overall sexual health.

The formula is comprised of natural ingredients which work by increasing the blood supply in the genitals and decrease dryness. After a week women can feel their heightened sexual intimacy and better mental health.

Tips to Improve Sexual Intimacy With Your Partner

For women, these tips could save your sexual life as well as will keep you healthy for a lifetime.

  • Kegel exercises are very much useful when it comes to boost sexual performance and vaginal tightness.
  • Work on yourself, use anti-aging cream to look younger. A young face despite old age can still allure many men around you.
  • Women should be physically fit with an attractive body figure. Doing some aerobics of yoga can help you achieve greater curves or even you are skinny there is still a chance you can add some meat to your buttocks.
  • Never give up on sex unless your partner does, women are claimed to possess more sexual power than men. Conditions, where you gave up on sex, will be the downfall of your relationship.
  • Never think of anything bad about sex, sex is a body and mind-nourishing process that is meant to be relaxing for you. Over-thinking about problems during sex can only exacerbate or worsen the conditions.
  • Keep your partner accompanied, ask him about his day and show concerns. The empathy in a relationship is the key to intense sex.
  • Always display yourself as an open-minded person when it comes to sex, your partner likes a position you can’t do? Never say no, instead give it a try.
  • If you cannot come up with any new idea and your sexual life is getting older, consulting with a sex therapist might be a sane option.

What Cause Low Libido in Women?

According to world-leading gynecologists the main reasons for low libido in women are depression and stress.

low female libido

Sometimes the reasons are even more complex to understand, but menopause is at the top of the list.

The physical and mental factors that cause low libido in women can affect their partner as well.

Depends on the understanding level between two individuals, low sex drive can be overcome by using certain treatments designed for women only.

Why Decrease in Libido Occur in Women?

Normally, a woman after reaching a certain age limit began to experience decreases in libido.

This is also caused by menopause in women, which occur after 40-45 age after which they stop getting periods.

It’s the hormonal system of women that gets weakened by the factors mentioned above for which there are useful aids.

How to Increase Libido in Women?

In order to save your sexuality and relationship, there are libido enhancers designed for women to increase their sex drive.

These libido enhancers are available in multiple qualities, but you should always choose the right one, in other words, choose the one which is natural.

A female libido can be enhanced by two different methods

  1. With Libido Enhancing Diets
  2. With Libido Enhancing Supplements

How to Increase Libido with Diet

Increasing libido through diet can be achieved by adding some sort of aphrodisiac in the food you eat every day.

diet for low libido

Some food items need to be reduced as well, foods which can help a woman increase her libido are:

1) Natural occurring Aphrodisiac

An aphrodisiac is any compound which increases libido or sexual desire in a person.

However, if you come down to foods, fruits like banana, figs or avocado which are loaded with the natural aphrodisiac.

Also, they contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals, which aids in improving blood flow to the genitals and give a push to your sexual behavior.

2) Vitamin C Containing Foods

Another reason for losing libido is that your body vital organs are not getting enough blood supply.

Consuming food rich in vitamin C on a daily basis can improve blood circulation overall and it is also linked with increasing female libido.

Examples, orange, guava, broccoli, pomegranate.

3) Dark Chocolate

Chocolates are the natural aphrodisiac.

According to many studies, consuming dark chocolates can lead to the production of Serotonin & phenylethylamine which are mood elevating hormones present in our body.

The mood elevation will then lead to an increase in sexual urge.

4) Nuts

Brazil nuts and almonds are a rich source of selenium, zinc and vitamin E which are an essential source to increase testosterone level.

5) Food with high Collagens

The production of collagen fibers decreases with age, which is why it is essential to keep it in check.

Low collagen level can lead to loose skins, wrinkles and it also affects sexual desire as in loosening of the vagina.

In order to take a proper dose of collagen, you must take a collagen supplement available in powder form or a dose of Vitamin C which also helps in collagen production.

6) Appropriate Water Consumption

Drinking plenty of water is another way to stop libido impairment.

Dehydration can cause dryness or various organs of your body in which the reproductive parts are included.

When you feel dull and fatigue in your limbs during sex, this is because of water deficiency.

Make sure you drink lots of water to get rid of headaches and to stop vaginal dryness.


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