5 Best Brain Supplements Reviewed

Brain supplements (nootropic supplements) are all the rage these days. Nootropics are actually a natural type of drugs/ supplements that are pretty effective for possessing a healthy state of the brain.

There are different varieties of nootropics, and most of them have a tendency to elevate motivation, alertness, creativity, cognitive function and sharpen memory.

Most of the brain supplements of standard quality are based on nootropics either multiple nootropics or single ones.

Nootropics are getting unprecedented popularity, and it is mainly due to the fact that they are relatable to brain health.

The brain is highly crucial for performing all the other human activities, so you can take its health for granted.

Even when you are not doing any one particular thing wrong but stress, aging, poor quality of health are all working in your odds.

Therefore, most of them are the real culprit behind slow brain functionality.

Moreover, keep the brain in a sharp state is mandatory for overall health and well being.

For years, people have been using different techniques and brain supplements to improve overall brain health.

There are various illegal and unethical supplements that are present out there. However, having something illegal is literally like to put your life in jeopardy.

Therefore, going for something that is legal and has the potential to give 100% is great.

5 Best Brain Supplements 2019

1. Performance Lab Mind Review

Performance Lab Mind is a supplement that has been the choice of many different users. It is a supplement that is the choice of people who believe in the improvement of their performance.

Performance Lab Mind reviews
Performance Lab Mind

It is a supplement that can deliver you motivation, memory, verbal fluency, clarity, and concentration.

Performance Lab Mind is just not a supplement that you can use for a short duration, but it is great even for delivering long-term benefits.

However, the design is supportive for extended duration use; it means the longer the use, the better benefits you will experience.

It actually contains a highly user-friendly formula that can deliver results in the minimum time possible for any cognitive enhancer.

The capsules are of prebiotic fiber (no gelatin or HPMC is present in this product)

Performance Lab Mind does not have stimulants like caffeine in it.

It can be an excellent addition for long time use.

Performance Lab Mind is free from any artificial ingredients, soy or gluten. Therefore, vegans and vegetarians can easily go for it

Performance lab mind is available at little cheaper rates. Thus, people who are not financially stable can also go it.

Let’s talk a little more about Performance Lab Mind

Positive Points:

  • Concentration, alertness, & focus
  • Verbal fluency and better memory
  • Overall improvement in the cognitive functions
  • Zero caffeine
  • Proven ingredients
  • Clean label, easy to use for vegans
  • Top notch quality
  • Reliable brand

Negative Points:

  • Not available everywhere, you can buy it only on its official website: www.performancelab.com

2. Qualia Mind Review

The supplement market is jammed pack with a variety of supplements, but Qualia Mind is a little different than the rest. It is one of the prominent products out there with its improvised characteristics.

Qualia Mind reviews
Qualia Mind

Nothing remains the same. Therefore, Qualia Mind producers have added additional stuff to make it even stronger.

Neuro Hacker improvised three things

i. Researched, observed and experimented to provide the best possible quality that Qualia Mind demands

ii. Just top notch herbal ingredients are part of composition, so they can deliver the best possible results

iii. The company has managed to merged the components of both the bottles that they had in their Qualia Mind stack and cut it down to just 1 serving rather having multiple servings that was the practice previously with their Qualia Mind Stack

The use of only Botanicals is quite encouraging, so it means you can get better ingredients that you are putting into your body. It is actually quite good when it comes to long time use.

All the beneficiary stuff is present that you can expect from this mind-blowing product.

In most of the cases just taking half of suggested dose has been enough for riping the real benefits so the supplement is workable and can be choice of intelligent beings.

Let’s have a look at the positive and negative aspects

Positive points:

  • Qualia Mind is a product that can deliver better energy, mental clarity
  • Awesome creativity on its watch
  • Less anxiety or stress
  • Improves workflow
  • You can feel its effects all day long
  • Aids in optimum brain health
  • No jittery feeling
  • 100% pure and clean nootropics
  • Keeps you calm, cool and composed
  • A total revamp of cognitive abilities
  • Better mood
  • Better mental performance

Negative Points:

  • Seven capsules per day (the serving size is not easy to maintain)
  • Pricing is relatively higher
  • Due to high pricing, if you want to avail discount, it is only available from the official website- www.neurohacker.com

3. Noocube Review

You name it, and the Noocube will have it. Noocube is a bundle of benefits and advantages that you can ever ask in any cognitive enhancement supplement.

Noocube reviews

Hence, it is actually receiving royal treatment in the supplement market. Not in term of pricing but in terms of quality, it is a royal supplement.

This particular brain supplement contains AC-11 Cats Claw, Bacopa. L-Tyrosine, Oat Straw, L-Theanine, Monneria.

Noocube has a formula that acts fast, encourages focus, superb mental speed, and alertness within minutes without provoking the nervous system the wrong way.

Further, Noocube does not have any traces of caffeine so no issue of jitters or the feeling of anxiety that is usually associated with the excess dose of caffeine

Additionally, with all these benefits, you will also get 60-day money back guarantee

Noocube is a cost-effective product with all the excellent qualities

Let’s have a look at the positive and negative aspects of Noocube

Positive Points

  • Pricing is relatively low
  • Best value of your money
  • No GMOs or Gluten
  • Time-tested ingredients
  • Positive Noocube customer testimonials
  • Top notch ingredients
  • No caffeine
  • Mental clarity that you can rely on
  • Be ready to see a drastic change in your communication skills that will be ready to boost your confidence to the next level
  • Better mental strength

Negative Points

  • You can buy Noocube only on its official website- www.noocube.com
  • It contains a proprietary blend

4. Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Pro is not something that is merely the best. Although it is better than the thousands of supplements that deliver zero benefits and they are risky too for health, Mind Lab Pro is not best among the products that are present on this list. It has a good ingredient profile with the properly tested background.

Mind Lab Pro reviews
Mind Lab Pro

No matter in which field you are, if you want to stay to the next level game, you need Noocube by your side.

Moreover, this supplement has both types of benefits to offer, long-term as well as short-term. Mind Lab Pro is a good option.

The more prolonged use of this supplement lets you know its real potential. It is different than the other smart drugs like Modafinil or Adderall that can offer you just short-term benefits, and their use is nothing but a recipe of disaster.

Let’s have a look at the positive and negative points of Mind Lab Pro

Positive Points

  • Good customer reviews are available that confirm it is not fake or scam
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • It has a tendency to decrease the level of anxiety to a significant level
  • A good value for money
  • It gives you the potential to solve problems on a fast pace. Basically, it develops your critical thinking skills
  • Mind Lab Pro improves productivity
  • It tends to divert blood flow brain area so the brain can access the adequate amount of oxygen
  • Better clarity
  • Alert mindedness

Negative Points

  • It is available at a higher price range, but due to benefits at least you know that your money is just an investment in your health and not wastage of money
  • You can only get Mind Lab Pro from the official site- www.mindlabpro.com

5. Alpha Brain Review

Another good addition if you are in the habit of trying various products every now and then. You can try it to be a little experimental.

Alpha Brain reviews
Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain basically improves the oxygen supply into your brain region, and just like the rest of the body, oxygen is essential for the brain as well.

Better supply of oxygen to the brain area is a clear indication/ sign that you will not experience the issue of free radicals or fog.

However, there is another side of this product. Not all the Alpha Brain reviews are positive, and that is something worth considering because if a noticeable number of users are not happy with the result of any brain supplement then there is a good reason to believe those negative ratings.

Let’s have a look at the positive and negative aspects of Alpha Brain

Positive Points:

  • It is good for focus
  • Users are likely to experience lucid dreaming
  • Better mental drive
  • Decrease free radicals
  • It does not create mental fog
  • Balanced ratio of ingredients

Negative Points:

  • Pricing is high
  • Proprietary blend
  • Different reviews (positive and negative both)

Our Choice Review (Best Brain Supplement 2019)


Our research has shown us that Noocube is the supplement that has got all in one kind of qualities. It is a great start for people who hate experimenting new products or they are new to brain supplement market, and they do not have much idea what is good for them or what is not.

Noocube gives you relief from all these issues because it delivers you real-time results that you want to try again and again once you get to see them yourself.

Noocube is the best in terms of quality, quantity, pricing and most importantly, in terms of results.

In short, it is a worth trying product because it has real nootropics to deliver cognitive abilities.

Are Brain Supplements Really Worth Your Time And Money?

The best brain supplements are not impossible to find. Yet, they do ask you to put the effort of research before you make up your mind for any of them.

The main point is that do not indulge yourself in buying things from companies who are not reliable and they believe in making some quick bucks, and that’s it.

Since we believe (as researchers), there are no quick, magical solutions that can deliver results overnight. Partial involvement is always good to keep the mental function steady.

We cannot deny the value of good nutrition because good nutrition has a lot to do with your mental health.

Even in any good brain supplements, a couple of vitamins is always present to improve the brain functionality, alertness, and memory.

After all, brain supplements are there to improve brain’s cognitive abilities but in a lifestyle that is already leading in a healthy way.

Moreover, including exercise in your lifestyle is a must because exercise has a high impact that even a supplement cannot replace.

The brain supplements can only accompany the improvement process, but solely dependence on them is not want you should be looking for.

Issue To Consider

Mental diseases like Parkinson and Alzheimer are quite ubiquitous; plaque is one of the triggers for these diseases. The issue is scientists are still not aware what the connections are between these diseases and plaque and how severe they are.

However, there are studies available that confirm people who tend to include physical activity in their life and maintain good health of their brain are less likely to have the issue of plaque in their mind whereas the brain supplements are always there to help to a considerable extent.

Furthermore, it is indeed a good idea to remember that best nootropics or best memory supplements will always come with the natural ingredient composition that can help in the boosting energy levels and better mental state.

Considerable Qualities In Brain Supplements

i. Before you think to buy a brain supplement, you should observe the ingredient list to find whether these ingredients are providing strength, repairing and tissue building qualities or not.

To make things make more straightforward for you, view those ingredients to notice if they are good for amino acids that are core creator of proteins.

There are few forms of amino acids that we include in diet and some of the amino acids our body produces on its own.

ii. For ameliorating neurotransmitters and memory, something that can work directly for brain improvement should be part of the composition.

The noticable point is that there are thousands of chemicals today are present that are apt for this task, and just a little research will give you hundreds of results.

iii. Last but not least, for a better span of focus and attention, the ingredient list should have any stimulant in it. Various products have one to two stimulants in their composition; it is usually caffeine because most of the time people do not overreact when hearing the term of caffeine plus it is safe and common.

How Does Nootropic Work The Focus And Alertness Of Mind?

Memory, Focus, Nootropics supplements have numerous compounds. Still, no supplement is the same to other, and it is mainly due to the fact that every supplement contains different ratios and different compositions. 

Nootropics Supplement for boost brain function
How Nootropic Supplements work?

Moreover, every producer has its own composition or proprietary blend.

One way it is good because this way the end users get a lot of variety but another way it is bad because too many choices may confuse people.

To cut a long chase, remember the best brain supplement will be able to deliver the following three attributes

  • Increase memory to a considerable level due to the improvement of neurotransmitters that connect ideas, let a person understand things better
  • Better attention and focus
  • Superb physical as well as brain health


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