The Madam - Vermont ham and Swiss cheese on brioche, with sauce mornay and egg over easy $10

Eggs Benny - House made english muffin with duck prosciutto, mizuna greens and poached egg, finished with siracha hollandaise   $15

Veggie Benny - Eggs Benny with tomato and avocado  $10

Sweet and Juicy - Crème anglaise croissant with fruit medley, toasted almonds    $10

Green Eggs and Ham - Egg white omelet with avocado. Served with thick cut Vermont ham $12

Make Way For Ducklings - Duck confit hash with poached egg and siracha hollandaise   $15

Morning Flatbread - Sauce mornay, scrambled eggs, pepper and onions, duck fat home fries $14

Duck Pizza - Duck prosciutto, caramelized onion, mizuna greens, and port wine reduction $17

The Remedy - Silver dollar pancakes, 2 eggs cooked any style, bacon, duck fat home fries $12

Ugly Duckling - BoMa’s duck fat fries served with duck gravy, and fontina cheese  $10

Sunny Side of the Meat* - Our BoMa Burger topped with bacon and a sunny side egg   $15

Fish and Chips - Beer battered hake, served with caper tartar sauce and a side of fries  $15

* These items may contain undercooked or raw product.
IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH,WE ADVISE THAT EATING RAW OR UNDERCOOKED MEAT, POULTRY,OR SEAFOOD POSES A RISK TO YOUR HEALTH. Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.