What makes this restaurant so special is owner Manfred’s attention to detail and our great product sourcing. Treating ingredients with respect and letting the flavors speak for themselves is important and I believe is the hallmark of a great restaurant. At BoMA we do not over complicate dishes. We look forward to great sourced products and showcasing them so the inherent quality in the food is preserved and flavors shine.

Our Chefs work closely with the front of the house so they share in the enthusiasm of the dishes. That is something that cannot be faked. Every day we review and create new dishes to complement our standard palette of dishes, reflecting both the season, and the urban setting of BoMA Restaurant + Bar. Our wait staff, house staff, and bar staff are coached daily so they are knowledgeable on every aspect of the menu.

Here at Boma Restaurant + Bar we are creating an experience for the diner that is both casual and fine. We use only fresh local produce, meat, fish and cheeses.

The South End represents a really special restaurant environment and one we are excited to cater to. Our guests are sophisticated diners and we want to be able to present a special place where this vibrant community, so reminiscent of Greenwich village, can dine and have a casual drink after work, theater, concert, or play.