Drinks Menu


Mother’s Ruin– Gin, fresh lemon juice, hint of lemongrass, two pinches of organic lavender.

Don’t Be A Peach –Thai Chili infused Peach vodka, muddled mint, fresh lime juice, splash of pomegranate puree, topped with a splash of soda water.

Posmo`Colitan- Citrus vodka, splash of lemon, Pomegranate puree, served on the rocks or up.

Honey Please–Bourbon, ginger, fresh lemon juice, honey.

Catch Her In The Rye–Rye, bitters, caraway essence, hint of vanilla.

“Tea-Bag” It –Sweet-tea vodka, touch of peppermint + ginger with fresh lemon juice and honey.

A Cold Day In Hell –Cucumber vodka, muddled Thai basil fresh lime juice, splash of soda.

I Dare Ya–Thai chili-infused tequila, basil essence,  coconut sea salt rim.

EPPA Red Sangria –Organic superfruits, pomegranate, blueberry, blood orange and acai.

Dirty Sanchez–Tequila, coriander citrus, orange peel.

Draft Beer

-Sam Adams   -Sam Seasonal  -Guinness  -Peroni,

-Peak Organic Seasonal  -Blue Moon   -Coors light,

-Dogfish Head 90min  -Lagunitas IPA

 -Ithaca Flower Power

 -Cisco Whale Tail – Narragansett   -Weihenstephan,

-Ommegang Hennepin  -Downeast Cider House,

-Yuengling Lager

White by the Glass

’11 Pratsch, Guner VeltlinerAustralia…9

’11 Barone Fini, Pino Grigio Valdadige Italy…8

’12 Barker”s Marq ‘The Loop’ Sauvignon Blanc NZ…9

’12 Protea, Chenin Blanc South Africa…12

NV Bartolomeo, Prossecco Veneto Italy…9

’12 La Noble, Chardonnay, France…10

’13  Villa Des Anges, Rose, France…9


Red by the Glass

’10 The Diving Rod, Cabernet, Alexander Valley…12

’11 Poppy, Pinot NoirMonterey CA…11

’11 Owen Roe, Sharecropper’s Pinot Noir Oregon..13

’11 Les Darons, Grenache/Syrah France…12

’11 Hogue Merlot Columbia Valley….10

‘11 Senda 66, Tempraranillo La Mancha Spain…9

’11 Jelu Estate, Malbec San Juan Argentina….10

White by the Bottle

’11 Pratsch, Gruner Veltliner Australia…34

’11 Barone Fine, Pinot Grigio Valdasige Italy…30

’13  Villa Des Anges, Rose, France…34

’12 Baker’s Marq. ‘The Loop’ Sauvignon Blanc NZ…34

’11 Chimney Rock, Sauvignon Blanc Napa CA…45

’11 Pala ‘I Fiore’ Vermentino Sardina Itally….40

’12 Protea, Chenin Blanc South Africa…46

’11 Miner. ‘Simpson V’ Viogonier Napa CA…46

’11 Piuze, Pettit Chablis Burgundy France.…48

’10 Domaine Schlumberger, Pinot Gris France…45

’10 Lasoucette ‘Comte La`fond’ Sancerre Franc… 65

’11 Truchard, Roussanne Carneros CA.…48

10’ Deep Sea, Chardonnay Central Coast CA…38

 ’09 Ramey, Chardonnay Sonoma Coast CA…70


Red by the Bottle

’11 Poppy, Pinot Noir Monterey CA…42

’11 Owen Roe, Sharecropper’s Pinot Noir Oregon..50

’10 Cuvaison, Pinot Noir Carneros CA…62

’09 Lanciola, Chianti Classico Tusany Italy…38

’11 Les Darons, Grenache/Syrah France…46

’11 Hogue Merlot Columbia Valley…38

‘11 Senda 66, Tempranillo La Mancha Spain…34

’11 Jelu Estate, Malbec San Juan Argentina… 38

’10 Girard, Petite Syrah Napa CA…56

’09 Provenance, Cabernet Sauvignon  Napa CA…75


NV Bartolomeo, Presecco Vento Italy…34

NV Mumm Nappa, Brut Rose Napa CA…55

NV Laurent Perrier, Brut  Tour-Sur-Marne…95

’05 Louis Roederer, Brut Reims…145